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In 1995, I was in excruciating pain, being crippled and bound to a wheel chair. My diagnosis was triple spinal fusion! Since birth, I had a defect in my lower back that weakened with age and stress on my 6-foot frame. Depressed and feeling defeated, I simply, yet profoundly, prayed to God. Subsequently, after many holistic attempts, I was led to a chiropractor, who uses a non force technique. He told me, “You may never walk again.” I worked with my chiropractor for less than a year, gingerly placing my bones in alignment, and gradually, yet fearfully, I began to walk again. But the slightest wrong move would bring severe pain and yet another treatment, sometimes twice a day. With fear, pain and frustration, again, I turned to God and cried, “What are You trying to tell me?” The message was clear: God had given me a talent as an artist and I was not fulfilling it. I believe God led me to Jorei healing, originating in Japan. Then a miracle happened in my life, I was completely healed after three months of Jorei!

Now as a certified Jorei practitioner, working full time, I am grateful to be able to share the powerful effects of this method. I also kept my commitment to paint as a self- employed artist. I offer private Jorei healing sessions in the Los Angeles/Ventura area.

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