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     Jorei is a method to channel Divine light through the spiritual connection one establishes via Initiation. Simply stated: As Divine energy permeates a human body, it transforms into Divine light as it radiates out of one’s palm. In Japanese, JO means to purify and REI means spirit or soul. At the beginning of a JOREI session, we ask Meishu-sama for an infusion of Divine energy and, afterwards, we thank Him. It is similar to receiving a phone call and hanging up when the conversation is over.


      The way it is received is by having a client sit in front of the Jorei practitioner. The light is directed through the palm of the hand to different areas such as the third eye, throat etc. After a few minutes, the client turns to have the light directed to the side. The back is the spiritual side and we touch the top of the head, neck, shoulders and back lightly, to feel for “heat.” Its almost as if toxins are expressing “I am over here” The giver stays in an area of heat until it cools off. Then we complete the other side and close with the third eye. Through Initiation, we secure the spiritual connection between Meishu-sama and ourselves so that we will be able to help others as His healing hands.


      To understand the principles of Jorei, we must first acknowledge that our world is divided into two realms: the physical and the spiritual. The relationship between these two domains is analogous to the one between the film and the screen in a movie theater - the film being the spiritual world of heaven, while the screen represents the earth’s material plane. Matter is a phenomenon that occurs first in the spiritual world, but eventually assumes tangible form on earth.


      When Jorei is received, spiritual clouds lift first. As a result of these diminishing impurities, we elevate ourselves spiritually and thus become healthier, happier and wealthier as physical beings. This is an expression of the Universal law which deems spirit primary and the body secondary. All matter originates in spirit. Herein lies the significance of Jorei which removes clouds from the spiritual body. Receiving Jorei alleviates both physical and emotional distress because the source of suffering itself has been eliminated.


      Now, what produces clouds? In our view, two major factors bring murkiness to spirit: One cause is clearly attitudinal, expressed through unsavory personal conduct - from the smallest instance of hurting someone else’s feelings, to the extreme act of murder. The second cause of spiritual cloudiness is mostly hidden. It is the internal toxic build-up.


      Our bodies are contaminated by our consumption of food teeming with agro-chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and other artificial additives. We also experience significant stress on a day-to-day basis, along with a bombardment of medicinal and environmental toxins.


      Poison pollutes our blood. Spirit mirrors our blood which nourishes and sustains the physical body. Accumulated toxins in the brain dim perception, thereby distorting judgment. It would be easy to explain crime’s steady increase by asserting that people cannot distinguish good from bad with their foggy minds and confused spirits.


      Universal law deems spirit primary and the body secondary in importance. Thus, an individual’s fate depends on the degree of his or her spiritual cloudiness. As we continue our ascent into the clearer, higher, light-filled realms, we become happier. Awareness of this principle is the first step to achieving paradise on earth. Let us remember that the physical and spiritual worlds perfectly mirror each other. Radiant Virtue, therefore, is an essential quality for one’s personal evolution and ultimate happiness.


      The difficult conditions that manifest as sickness accompany any other human misfortune; they are all part of the purification work. This cleansing process assumes diverse forms and aspects on the physical plane. We can experience it in the form of financial difficulties or losses from natural disasters, undesirable relationships, accidents, and all the ensuing emotional distress. Though not an “easy” regime, deep cleansing is a powerful means of improving any situation. A magnificent divine blessing will be bestowed soon after the purification work is completed. Knowing that it’s all working in your favor, stay steadfast, positive, and patient - never doubt the process - and your life will surely become healthier, happier, and more prosperous.


      When giving Jorei, Divine Light, we hold our hand at a distance of just one or two feet from the recipient who need not be touched. With this simple process, even patients in acute physical distress start improving at once with rapidly diminished or eliminated pain. The person offering Jorei may be a novice initiate without any medical background, while the recipient may be someone several doctors gave up on, yet this transformative, purifying process is always powerfully effective.

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