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  • Art Teacher in Canada: In my 20s, I taught for 5 years in the Toronto school system (traveling by plane to remote areas such as the border of Manitoba/Ontario) through the school board. Was involved in a program titled “Artist in the School” involving students from the first through the eighth grades. 

  • In the Toronto school system, I also held beginners’ and advanced classes for teachers in watercolor techniques.

  • Gave private instruction at the Knob Hill Art Gallery in St. John’s Newfoundland, covering sculpture, oil painting, watercolors, oil and dry pastel, pen and ink and charcoal.

  • Taught University extension courses in St. John’s University in watercolor techniques for beginner and advanced students.

  • Gave private lessons in my home in Newfoundland, Canada. Students brought in different projects ranging from oils and watercolors to sculpting.

  • Artist and Teacher: Since my move from New York City to California in 1985, I have been actively painting and teaching in Santa Monica through the Learning Annex, in Thousand Oaks at the Goebel Center and at The Conejo Valley Adult School, as well as through the Thousand Oaks Art Association.

  • At various venues I incorporated meditation techniques.

  • Healer: I am a practicing spiritual and physical healer for over 30 years. Am a certified hypnotherapist, certified Theta Healer, Jorei Hoshisha (had my own center in Thousand Oaks employed by Japan and retired in 2017) and am a Jorei practitioner, Reiki Master as well as an Energetic Alchemist.

    • I have worked with clients in Burlington and Toronto, Ontario, Canada;  New York City, NY;  Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Malibu, CA.

    • My clients speak of my success in working with them through drug and alcohol addiction and PTSD. I have helped those with high blood pressure, neck pain, shoulder pain, backache, carpal tunnel, eating disorders, cancer and I am known for dealing with kidney and liver issues.”




     As a Marine veteran who suffered from PTSD, I tried the pills they give you to fix the problem and it didn't work for me.... I don't like living in a "fog". I met Yoka about 2 years ago and it was truly a blessing sent my way. I had not heard of Yoka before and her special abilities, but I was open to trying anything. Yoka has helped me gain clarity and peace within my mind and helped with my blood pressure. She truly has a gift and if you are blessed with crossing her path please stop and consider letting her help you.     Alfonso Garcia 


     I had never heard of Yoka or her healing abilities before my husband said he was going  to see Yoka to help with his PTSD. After his session I could tell this was something that helped him and that would benefit us. I started seeing Yoka myself after suffering from anxiety attacks and gallstones. Yoka has such a calming presence which you feel immediately. She has helped me and my husband so much and we couldn't be more grateful.     Misty Garcia 


      Yoka is a rare GEM indeed! She has the healing talent of an Angel, intuitive in amazing ways and has a warm, kind and knowing heart. If it weren’t for her healing work, I wouldn’t have been able to “rock” 12 hour days on a conference floor after a serious fall in April, 2017 She saved me from being in a wheelchair that trip!

She has my 5-star referral rating!    Kathleen Ronald

         Business Growth Expert


    C: (310) 633.0411


Even though it has been said before, I must call Yoka my angel. Her visits to me in the hospital while recovering from bypass heart surgery, soothed my soul with healing energy. Yoka took the pain away in so my places in my body while lying in my hospital bed. Her kind and loving presence and spirit brought me light and hope. I believe her sessions laid a foundation for expediting my recovery. Thank you Yoka. I still feel your energy. You will always be a piece in my heart. ❤Fellow artist and devotee.     Melody Brown 



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